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World Menstrual Hygiene Campaign

June 1 June 30 UTC+1

Consumer advocacy and empowerment foundation (CADEF), a not-for-profit organization that is
committed To the promotion of consumer rights, youth empowerment and policy reforms in
collaboration with Civil Society health Network, a network of civil society organizations that Support
Health system strengthening and health policy reforms are organizing a Menstrual Hygiene Campaign in
commemoration of the 2022 Menstrual Hygiene Day.
The theme of Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022 is: to make menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030. The
the overarching goal is to build a world where no one is held back because they menstruate by 2030.
By this campaign, we plan to educate schoolgirls on the importance of menstrual care, and the need for
proper disposal of used sanitary products, which is their responsibility as consumers, while empowering
boys with the information they need to be supportive to girls around them.
We are firm believers that we need to help break the silence, raise awareness, and change negative
social norms surrounding menstrual hygiene around the world, so that girls feel empowered to manage
their periods safely, hygienically, with confidence and without embarrassment. We should live in a
world where no woman or girl is limited by something as natural and normal as menstruating.

Consumer Advocacy Empowerment Foundation


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